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Books, j’adore Review

Thanks to Maria Mankin for the nice review of Hurricane Story on her site, Books, j’adore. “Shaw’s book added another dimension to my perspective of the city. I finally got to read about the hurricane nine years ago through the eyes of an artist, rather than a reporter.” Read the full article here.

A Photo Editor Book Review

In his weekly feature on A Photo Editor, “This Week in Photography Books,” contributor Jonathan Blaustein weighs in on Hurricane Story: “It’s lovely, witty, poignant and original. Definitely a book you want to have in your collection.” Read the entire review here.

Hurricane Story Reviewed in Square Magazine

Issue 2.3 of Square Magazine (UK) features a review of Hurricane Story by editor in chief Christophe Dillinger, along with a multi-page spread of images from the book. “…forget about heavy symbolism and flashy sensationalism, the kind of stuff everybody does. Go straight for the heart. Jennifer Shaw’s new book, Hurricane Story, does just that.” […]

HTMLGIANT Features Hurricane Story

HTMLGIANT contributor Roxane Gay posted a wonderful piece featuring Hurricane Story today, showcasing several photographs from the book: “Shaw’s take is unique both in the spareness she uses to write of her family’s ordeal and because of her stunning photography of children’s toys to depict that experience–blurry, almost surreal, full color images stretching off every […]

The San Antonio Current Reviews Hurricane Story

The San Antonio Current Reviews Hurricane Story

San Antonio alternative weekly The Current reviewed Hurricane Story today in conjunction with the photographs from the book currently on display as a signature exhibit at the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE International Photography Festival: “Photographs of children’s toys threw yet another fatiguing stain of kitsch into the cultural wash over the last decade, but a stunning exception is […]

Review by Gary W. Clark

Gary W. Clark, who won a copy of Hurricane Story from HolgaDirect, shared a review of the book on his blog. “I can highly recommend Hurricane Story to anyone that may be inspired by the use of unconventional photography for storytelling. If you are a Holga or Lomo photographer, then the book is simply a […]

Pelican Bomb Reviews Hurricane Story

New Orleans arts and culture hub Pelican Bomb just posted their review of Hurricane Story: “Hurricane Story is a small book—seven by seven inches—and aside from a brief foreword by Rob Walker and Shaw’s even briefer artist statement, the story is told in less than 500 words. Evacuating in the dead of night, nine months […]

Southern Photography Reviews Hurricane Story

Southern Photography, a wonderful blog highlighting work by fine art photographers in the American south curated by John N. Wall, posted a very thoughtful review of Hurricane Story today: “The images in this body of work are playful and eerie, menacing and reassuring. disturbing and mundane. They are honest, truthful, hopeful, and engaging. They are […]

Josh Neufeld on Hurricane Story

Josh Neufeld, author of A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge and all-around amazing comic journalist, has been a supporter of Hurricane Story from its early days, even graciously providing a wonderful blurb. He recently took a look at the new hardcover edition, and had some very nice things to say on his blog: “Hurricane Story […]

Shepherd Express: “Jennifer Shaw’s Stunning Pictures Tell ‘Hurricane Story'”

Jenni Herrick, reviewer at Milwaukee alternative weekly Shepherd Express, took a look at Hurricane Story in advance of Jen’s reading this Thursday: “Hurricane Story is a visual narrative that combines simple prose with stunning photography to illustrate one woman’s staggering flight from New Orleans amid the disaster of Katrina—a memoir made even more sensational by […]