Praise for Hurricane Story

Hurricane Story is a table-top, toy box Odyssey. With simple objects, trenchant statements, and exquisite camera vision, Shaw relates an epic tale of displacement, creation, and discovery.”

— George Slade, curator of the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University

“Through brief sentences and powerful photographs of small toys, Jennifer Shaw’s eloquent Hurricane Story serves as a personal journal of exile, birth, and homecoming as well as a larger tale of suffering and resilience in the wake of Katrina. It is a deeply moving work of art.”

— John Biguenet, author of Rising Water and Oyster

“Like a mournful fairytale, Jennifer Shaw’s beautifully staged tableaux are alternately sweet and menacing, filled with emotion but never spilling over into sentimentality. Initially familiar scenes are re-imagined as glimpsed through a driving rain — or a veil of tears. The poetic marriage of words and photos makes Hurricane Story a children’s book for grown-ups.”

— Josh Neufeld, writer/artist of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge

“I’ve looked at and read many, many Katrina stories, and I think this may be the best one I’ve seen.”

— Rob Walker, author of Letters from New Orleans

“It truly took my breath away. It is all at once warm, harsh, scary, funny, sad –all the intimate emotions we each experienced in our own separate ways.”

— Jackie Brenner, author of Friday Night Grind

“It’s terrific!”

— Debbie Fleming Caffery, author of Polly and The Shadows