Josh Neufeld on Hurricane Story

Josh Neufeld, author of A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge and all-around amazing comic journalist, has been a supporter of Hurricane Story from its early days, even graciously providing a wonderful blurb. He recently took a look at the new hardcover edition, and had some very nice things to say on his blog:

“Hurricane Story is a fairytale of birth and death, joy and sadness, innocence and infinite despair. Through the unexpected device of the Holga camera and the toy dioramas, all the familiar images of the Katrina story are brought back to vivid life, reminding even the most jaded reader of what it felt like to live through those dark days.

The book’s beautifully staged tableaux are alternately sweet and menacing, filled with emotion but never spilling over into sentimentality. The book is highly personal yet somehow universal, mournful yet playful, striking a balance which to me seems perfectly New Orleanian.

The poetic marriage of words and photos makes Hurricane Story a children’s book — or, if you will, a “graphic novel” — for grown-ups.”

Thank you, Josh. Read more at his post!