MIAD Exhibition

A selection of fifteen prints from Hurricane Story will be featured in three person exhibition at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design this fall.

“Transience”, featuring Angela Bacon Kidwell, Adam Ekberg and Jennifer Shaw will be on view from November 5 to 22, 2012 in the Perspectives Gallery.

“Whether narrating a bittersweet story, creating dreamlike narratives, or constructing spectacular fleeting moments, representation of ephemerality prevails. Infusing reason with emotion and creating physicality of luminance, these artists transform the mundane, devastating, and emotive experiences of everyday life into miraculous photographic collections. Impermanence, reality, and performance are explored through constructed processes culminating into a conceptually rich and visually luscious experience.”

The exhibition was curated by Kelly Peloza, Sarah Stankey, and Alice Waraxa.