Brainpickings: Haunting Analog Photos of Katrina Memories

We’re thrilled to see today that Brainpickings, the well-curated blog by Maria Popova that features topics in design, art, culture and everything that just makes us pause to think, featured a post on Hurricane Story today:

“Hurricane Story is part memoir, part fairy tale, part poetic story of exile and homecoming, told through 46 beautiful, dream-like images and simple but powerful prose. The Holga’s rudimentary functionality, with its limited control over exposure, focus and lighting, further intensifies the story’s haunting, cinematic feel, drawing you into a seemingly surreal world that sprang from an extraordinary and brave reality…(it) is one of the most spellbinding pieces of personal history ever captured.”

Wow! Thank you for such kind words, Maria, and we’re so glad you enjoyed learning about the book!

Read the full post here.