Southern Photography Reviews Hurricane Story

Southern Photography, a wonderful blog highlighting work by fine art photographers in the American south curated by John N. Wall, posted a very thoughtful review of Hurricane Story today:

“The images in this body of work are playful and eerie, menacing and reassuring. disturbing and mundane. They are honest, truthful, hopeful, and engaging. They are about endings and new beginnings, about the loss of the familiar and the restoration of order. Having seen them, I feel I now know about the experience of Katrina not just in terms of broken surfaces but in terms of one person’s experience from within.”

Read the full review here!

Jennifer Shaw on WWNO’s “The Reading Life”

Jennifer was on New Orleans NPR affiliate WWNO’s “The Reading Life” with Susan Larson today for a wonderful interview about Hurricane Story.

Jen talked with Susan about the true story behind Hurricane Story, her techniques for imagining and creating the photographs in the book, and what’s coming next. Listen to the interview here– the segment begins around the 11:00 minute mark.

HolgaDirect Interviews Jennifer Shaw

HolgaDirect, the website dedicated to all things Holga, shared an exclusive interview with Jennifer today. She discusses HURRICANE STORY, her inspirations, tools, and much more.

“Look at everything. Find a subject you are passionate about and pursue it like crazy.”

Read the interview here, and be sure to enter the accompanying giveaway to win a signed copy of the book!

Brainpickings: Haunting Analog Photos of Katrina Memories

We’re thrilled to see today that Brainpickings, the well-curated blog by Maria Popova that features topics in design, art, culture and everything that just makes us pause to think, featured a post on Hurricane Story today:

“Hurricane Story is part memoir, part fairy tale, part poetic story of exile and homecoming, told through 46 beautiful, dream-like images and simple but powerful prose. The Holga’s rudimentary functionality, with its limited control over exposure, focus and lighting, further intensifies the story’s haunting, cinematic feel, drawing you into a seemingly surreal world that sprang from an extraordinary and brave reality…(it) is one of the most spellbinding pieces of personal history ever captured.”

Wow! Thank you for such kind words, Maria, and we’re so glad you enjoyed learning about the book!

Read the full post here.


“The Lake Effect” Welcomes Jennifer Shaw

On the tail end of her whirlwind Midwest vacation, Jen stopped by the studios of Milwaukee Public Radio and NPR affiliate WUWM to sit down and talk about Hurricane Story, her art and more with “Lake Effect” host Mitch Teich.

Hear the full interview online here!

Hurricane Story meets “The Morning Blend”

The love from Milwaukee just keeps pouring in! WTMJ-4, Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate, welcomed Jen to their morning talk show, “The Morning Blend” today to share photographs from Hurricane Story and share her stories behind the book.

Check out Jen’s wonderful interview at the show’s website.

Josh Neufeld on Hurricane Story

Josh Neufeld, author of A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge and all-around amazing comic journalist, has been a supporter of Hurricane Story from its early days, even graciously providing a wonderful blurb. He recently took a look at the new hardcover edition, and had some very nice things to say on his blog:

“Hurricane Story is a fairytale of birth and death, joy and sadness, innocence and infinite despair. Through the unexpected device of the Holga camera and the toy dioramas, all the familiar images of the Katrina story are brought back to vivid life, reminding even the most jaded reader of what it felt like to live through those dark days.

The book’s beautifully staged tableaux are alternately sweet and menacing, filled with emotion but never spilling over into sentimentality. The book is highly personal yet somehow universal, mournful yet playful, striking a balance which to me seems perfectly New Orleanian.

The poetic marriage of words and photos makes Hurricane Story a children’s book — or, if you will, a “graphic novel” — for grown-ups.”

Thank you, Josh. Read more at his post!



Jennifer Shaw on “Milwaukee Midweek”

The huge outpouring of support for Hurricane Story during Jen’s visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin came as a wonderful surprise. The city truly was excited to see one of it’s own return for a special homecoming to celebrate the book!

91.7 WMSE warmly welcomed Jen to talk about Hurricane Story, her art, and her experiences growing up in the city on their news show, “Milwaukee Midweek.” You can download or stream her interview here (it is the July 13 show).

ThirdCoast Digest: A Conversation with Jennifer Shaw

Erin Petersen of Milwaukee arts paper ThirdCoast Digest posted an interview with Jen today in a lovely piece in advance of her reading and launch event for Hurricane Story in Milwaukee.

“It was hugely cathartic to be able to process the experience through a creative art project. The time that I was working on [Hurricane Story] was still an uncertain time in New Orleans,” says Shaw. “The opportunity to list out those experiences and fears on toys and dioramas was amazing and fun and life affirming.”

Read more in the interview here!

Shepherd Express: “Jennifer Shaw’s Stunning Pictures Tell ‘Hurricane Story'”

Jenni Herrick, reviewer at Milwaukee alternative weekly Shepherd Express, took a look at Hurricane Story in advance of Jen’s reading this Thursday:

“Hurricane Story is a visual narrative that combines simple prose with stunning photography to illustrate one woman’s staggering flight from New Orleans amid the disaster of Katrina—a memoir made even more sensational by the fact that Shaw gave birth to her son on the day the hurricane struck. There are many chronicles following New Orleans residents who were forced to abandon the flooded city and later returned for a bittersweet homecoming, but Hurricane Story is unique in its use of images of light and form to add meaning and depth to the devastating impact of the storm.”

Read the full review here.