PANK Magazine: “Shaw’s story is beautifully told with weighted insights and tempered observations.”

Amye Archer posted her review of Hurricane Story on the PANK Magazine blog today, discussing her own experiences with reacting to and understanding the stories emerging from Katrina, in addition to the book itself:

“Shaw’s story is beautifully told with weighted insights and tempered observations.  She captures brilliantly the ambiguity of the weeks and months that followed the hurricane’s arrival.

Then, there’s the images.  Shaw, a RISDY grad, is a gifted photographer who uses toys and a soft filter to create an almost surrealist view of the events she is describing.  A small red truck driving away from us, a midwife with cold, wide open eyes, a line of green army men.   There are certain images that belong to the collective consciousness of mankind.  Shaw, manages to not only capture those images, but to skew them into a new reality.  A feat that mimics how Katrina changed New Orleans forever.  We will always see the Crescent City in a different light, through a different lens, post-Katrina.  She is a town of hope, of survival, she is a town of rebirth, and, thanks to Jennifer Shaw’s Hurricane Story, she is a town with a story that is only beginning to be heard.”

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