Louisiana State Museum Exhibition

Louisiana State Museum Exhibition

“Hurricane Story,” an exhibit of photographs by Jennifer Shaw, opens at the Louisiana State Museum on Oct. 21. With twenty vivid images, Shaw narrates her experience during Hurricane Katrina. Told in vignettes created of toys, carefully lit and captured with a modified Holga camera—itself more of a toy than the choice of a professional photographer […]

Hurricane Story Reviewed in Square Magazine

Issue 2.3 of Square Magazine (UK) features a review of Hurricane Story by editor in chief Christophe Dillinger, along with a multi-page spread of images from the book. “…forget about heavy symbolism and flashy sensationalism, the kind of stuff everybody does. Go straight for the heart. Jennifer Shaw’s new book, Hurricane Story, does just that.” […]

FATHOM Interview

Jeralyn Gerba, editor of the spunky new online travel site, FATHOM, interviewed Jen about Hurricane Story, life in New Orleans and more. Read the interview here.

Stella Kramer on Hurricane Story

In a follow up to the In The Loupe TV discussion of Hurricane Story, Stella Kramer shares her thoughts on the aesthetic choices that went into the making of the book. “One of the things I like the most about this book is how much care and thought was put into the size and look […]

Review by Gary W. Clark

Gary W. Clark, who won a copy of Hurricane Story from HolgaDirect, shared a review of the book on his blog. “I can highly recommend Hurricane Story to anyone that may be inspired by the use of unconventional photography for storytelling. If you are a Holga or Lomo photographer, then the book is simply a […]

One One Thousand Features Hurricane Story

One, One Thousand, a monthly publication focusing on photography produced in the Southeastern United States by emerging and established photographers, featured Jennifer Shaw in its September issue. Founded in 2010 by Daniel A. Echevarria and Natalie Minik, One, One Thousand features new photographic works both from and about the South. See the feature here and […]

Hurricane Story Reviewed on Lenses on the World

Derek Darke reviews Hurricane Story on the new British photo blog, Lenses on the World. “This sequence of 46 images recounts not only the story from leaving to returning but also depicts moments of despair, joy, fear, friendship and even humour. Shaw’s method focuses upon the subject while the images hazy  properties leave space for […]

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Recommends Hurricane Story

Jim Higgins, book editor of The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel included Hurricane Story in his recent list of 52 summer book recommendations.

Oitzarisme Features Hurricane Story

Constantin Nimigean recently shared a selection of images from Hurricane Story on Oitzarisme, a website featuring an international selection of compelling contemporary photography. See the feature here.